Free Family Things To Do In Sheffield

Free Family Things To Do In Sheffield

Feed the animals at Graves Park

When you’re up in the Norton Lees district of town, take a moment to stop off at Graves Park. There, you will find a great little farm, where you can see some exotic wildlife. From alpacas to sheep, there’s a whole lot to see at this place. If you’re feeling generous, you can feed the animals as well. 

See exotic plants in the Botanical Gardens

With over 5,000 species of fauna, you have to take a trip up to the Botanical Gardens. When the sun comes out, this place is rammed with people enjoying a quiet day in the park. From the stunning rose gardens to the fountains, there are many photo ops in this naturally scenic attraction.

Hang out at the Peace Gardens

The moment the weather heats up, there is only one place to be in Sheffield. The Peace Gardens are a prime spot, where you can sit and relax for an hour or so. If things get a little two hot to handle, you can even play in the fountains here. Throughout the summer, this area becomes one of the city’s hot spots for students and families alike.

Play Table Tennis in the City

In some of the most prominent locations in Sheffield, such as the cathedral and next to the theatres, you can find free table tennis tables. You don’t even need to bring you own paddles or balls – they are already there. The only downside to this fun activity is that, when it’s windy, you run the risk of a ball escaping. 

Take a stroll through the winter gardens

Rain or shine, the Winter Gardens are always the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. With tropical plants and even a (pretend) crocodile, there’s few places as lovely as this one. The large greenhouse style building offers a little oasis in the centre of the city. (Look out for the nymphs in the trees.) This venue is also the setting for the annual Snooker Championship commentary.

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