Olly Murs at Fly DSA Arena

Olly Murs at Fly DSA Arena

Following the release of his brand new single, Moves, featuring Snoop Dogg, Olly Murs is back with his dazzling new album, You Know I Know, along with an extensive UK tour in May 2019.

You Know I Know is a landmark release for Olly Murs who celebrates a decade at the top with this, his sixth album, two discs that feature a brand new album and a sparkling hits collection of songs everyone knows.

Now firmly established in his red chair as a judge on The Voice, Olly has five multi-platinum albums under his belt, 4 #1 UK albums, 4# UK singles and 6 #1 airplay tracks. He has over 17.5m followers across his socials and without doubt is the X Factor’s most successful male artist ever.

Olly is in Sheffield on 24th May 2019, live at the DSA Arena. 

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