Worlds’ Strongest Man

Worlds’ Strongest Man

The City of Steel welcomes the Return of the Iron Men!

Britain’s Strongest Man is coming back to the FlyDSA Arena on Saturday 19th January 2019 for the ultimate showdown of strength. 

The contest is part of the Official World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour known as Giants Live. It will be filmed for Channel FIVE's Christmas Series that includes the World's Strongest Man. 

Last year, Giants Live packed in over 6,500 fans at the Fly DSA Arena and Britain’s Strongest Man 2019 could well be bigger yet! 

The best of Britain take on 5 x herculean tests of strength to be crowned Britain’s Strongest Man 2019. Log Lifting and the Atlas Stones are two of the more famous events we shall see return. 

Likely to return and for the last time ever - in any contest - the reigning British and World's Strongest Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall who is making that date his retirement point and hopes to make his 6th title in a row.

Rivals who have accepted the challenge include Laurence ‘Big Loz’ Shahlaei, the Champion at Europe's Strongest Man 2016.  The back to full strength Lancashire miracle man Mark Felix - unbelievably back to his best at 52 years old.  Former Britain's Strongest.Man Champion from East London, strength legend Terry Hollands.

Will the history books be re-written once again by Eddie Hall as assuming the Stoke Man is fit to compete he looks to extend his legacy to an astonishing 6 titles in a row.

With MORE spectators, an EPIC atmosphere, GIGANTIC men and COLOSSOL challenges, the spectacle of British strongman is setting its stage in front of the stadium audience it deserves.

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