Asa Diving

Asa Diving

The ASA National Age Group Diving Championships is the largest national diving competition in England, and with good reason.

Four different age groups will be battling for national honours, in a heated competition to be the best. Some of the top young divers from the country will be in attendance. We will be able to watch them competing individually, as well as in synchronised pairs, both from the 1m and the 3m Springboards and the platform.

 The youngest of the divers will be in Group D, their ages ranging from nine to eleven years old. The following groups all contain higher age ranges, Group C has ages twelve to thirteen year olds, Group B will feature fourteen to fifteen years olds, and the oldest age group, Group A, will contain sixteen, seventeen and eighteen years. With such a wide range of ages, you will be able to see all levels of skill, although all the competitors are sure to be impressive.

Divers in the older two age groups can dive from the 5m, 7.5m or 10m boards. They will also be preforming their synchronised dives from the 3m springboard.

ASA Diving is a very important step for any young diver, as it is a step towards the top in diving, and sharing the experience is certain to be rewarding.

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