Bars and Melody

Bars and Melody

The English singing/rapping duo like no other, Bars and Melody. The duo consists of rapper, Leondre “Bars” Devries, and Charlie “Melody” Lenehan. They will be arriving at Sheffield right at the beginning of June.

The duo had previously taken part in the eighth series of Britain’s got Talent, they proven their talent and dedication time after time. Now, in 2017 June, they’re proving this once again on their Sheffield show including Johnny Orlando, Tilly Devries and Lauren Orlando.

At their concert, Bars and Melody will be performing the songs from their latest album, the Asian exclusive ‘Never give up’ as well as popular songs from their older albums.

Plus, what better way is there to celebrate the start of the (long awaited) warmer weather than with a lively concert? Most people enjoy bobbing along to fast beats and fun lyrics, especially in warmer weather, when the heavy winter coats are no longer necessary! This is definitely the perfect opportunity to do so. Their arrival on the first of June is perfect timing for a summertime outing. You’ll be able to enjoy great music and an exciting performance. Those are the days out that scream summertime vibe – which is what we’ve all been longing for.

Head over to the O2 Academy Sheffield on the 1st of June to witness this concert first hand. You’re sure to have an exciting time.

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