Britain's Strongest Man at the Arena

Britain's Strongest Man at the Arena

Britain's Strongest Man 2018 at FlyDSA Arena

Sheffield, brace for impact! The biggest, strongest men in the country are storming Sheffield Arena on Saturay 27th January for the ultimate showdown. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Britain’s Strongest Man is coming to town. The contest is part of the Official World’s Strongest Man qualifying tour and after a sell-out show last year—with qualifying shows pulling in audiences of 10,000+—Britain’s Strongest Man is coming to Sheffield Arena to take on a new, even BIGGER, even BETTER venue for 2018. 

The show will be filmed for Channel 5 and is set to be the battle to end all battles. All the biggest stars of British Strongman will be there to hoist stones, throw kegs, carry cars and lift HEAVY metal to prove they have the herculean determination to overcome 5 gruelling tests of strength and be crowned Britain’s Strongest Man. 

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