Sandi Toksvig Live! National Trevor

Sandi Toksvig Live! National Trevor

Event Date: Tuesday 5th February 2019

Event Venue: Sheffield City Hall

From the tent, to the city hall!

Sandi Toksvig is touring a brand new, one-woman comedy show.

Sandi realises some people harbour an ambition to be a National Treasure but following a misunderstanding with a friend has decided instead to become a National Trevor – half misprint, half Danish comedian, novelist, actor and broadcaster.

Expect tall stories, fascinatingly funny facts, really silly jokes, a quick fire Q&A and a quiz. But definitely don’t expect tap-dancing, leotards or a forward roll!

So come on and see why Sandi is such a hit with audiences and bakers alike, whilst making a night of it here at Sheffield Metropolitan? Our comfy beds and bountiful buffet breakfasts are no joke!

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